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Willowbrook Academy & Day School seeks to develop each child’s intellectual, artistic, and physical potential through a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum. Children’s natural intellectual curiosity is fostered as they acquire the skills, knowledge, and analytic tools needed for advanced levels of thinking and reasoning.

At Willowbrook, we believe that children learn most effectively when the information is presented within a familiar context rather than as isolated facts or theories.  We also believe children learn through experience, discussion and interaction, as opposed to learning from rote memorization and drill.  Therefore, our curriculum for each level is centered on thematic units that integrate all subject areas while meeting and exceeding Indiana State Standards.  Skill development in Language Arts, Math, Science, Computer Technology, Spanish, the Arts, and Physical Education is articulated as much as possible throughout these thematic units. 

The integrated curriculum allows students to learn material in great depth as well as to see the connections that naturally exist among subject areas. The primary device for integration of the curriculum is the development of communication skills using the English language. Parallel to that usage is the study of Spanish beginning in Preschool.  While the disciplines of Mathematics and Science, and of Language and Social Studies, are often connected at Willowbrook, it is also important for children to learn, for instance, how scientific and technological advances have shaped the ways humans relate to each other or how the use of Mathematics determines the design of music and architecture. 

All classes emphasize close interaction among students and teachers.The visual and performing arts are woven into the curriculum and daily life of the school, creating opportunities for different modes of self-expression and interpretation.

Physical Education occurs in a variety of ways: from the cooperative games the younger grades play in our Motor Room, to our playground area outside, nature walks on the 6 acre campus, as well as the more standard games and sports the older grades play on our athletic fields.



Another important part of the Willowbrook Academy & Day School experience is the development of a moral and ethical foundation.  The students have opportunities to assimilate and understand such moral imperatives as responsibility, honesty, respect, and compassion. 

Each Monday at the start of the school day, the students and teachers gather together for Morning Reports.  This is an essential element of the school’s mission, and includes a variety of activities: listening to stories and poems, singing the Willowbrook song titled "New Day" written for Willowbrook by Connie Anderson, and listening to announcements and upcoming activities as presented by the students at Willowbrook.


Willowbrook offers a 6 acre campus with the original barn built in 1900 from the Badiac Dairy Farm as well as a greenhouse, a chicken coop where students hatch, care for and raise chicks and hens as well as a discovery area outside where students will have Archeological adventures. 

WillowGreen is a club on campus where students learn and put strategies in place to increase awareness of conservation and sustainability within our community. 


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